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Medicool Pro Bits Silver Carbide Large Two-Way Barrel Bits for Nails (CC11)

  • Brand: Medicool
  • Product Code: MCSC2WLBM
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Medicool Pro Bits Silver Carbide Large Two-Way Barrel Bits for Nails (CC11)

Two-way, large barrel nail bit.

Carbide bits are designed for the filing and shaping of acrylic and artificial gel nails. Available in seven different grits and a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the users preference or filing task.

Grit: Medium, Coarse & Extra Coarse

Features & Benefits:
  • For use with Medicool's Pro Power 20K, 30K, 35K, 520, Turbo File 11, EF-1, Nail Glide and Pedinova
  • Can also use with most drills that use 3/32" bits from Kupa, Aseptico, Bravo, Buffalo, Ram, Nail Labo, Atwood, Lasco, Dremel, MIO, Esi and Erica's
Usage Instructions:
  • Use on acrylic, gel, fiberglass and silk nails
  • Can be autoclaved or liquid sanitized

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