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Davines L'Art Decolor

Davines L'Art Decolor is a suitable and complete system to create streaks, decolourings and total or partial colour stripping, on all hair types. It's also a versatile, innovative and quick system which has the great advantage of being able to lighten and tone in a single operation. It allows the hairdresser total creative and expressive freedom, and also freedom of application, through the use of foils, papers or balayages. Thanks to the use of toners in fact, both singly and in combination, all the desired reflections can be obtained. Balayages and total colour strippings can be carried out in complete safety as all the products in the line have been specifically formulated to respect the hair structure. Davines L'Art Decolor system includes differentiated products for different hair types: a decolouring powder, a decolouring paste and six toners (blue, violet, yellow, orange, red, brown).

Davines L'Art Decolor system is used with the four Activation Source activators available in the hydrogen peroxide percentages of 7, 20, 30 and 40. The activators quicken and boost the decolouring power of both the powder and the cream, allowing different levels of lightening to be obtained according to the volume of the chosen activator.

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Davines L'Art Decolor White Hair Bleaching Paste

Davines L'Art Decolor White Hair Bleaching Paste
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Davines L'Art Decolor White Hair Bleaching PasteThe bleaching paste is a product very rich of softening substances able to preserve the hair structure, specifically formulated to lighten the artificially colored or particularly dehydrated hair. Size: 375 gFeatures & Benefits: Its composition is perfectly balanced to obtain an effective and durable result for every kind of lightening.Usage Instruc..

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Results
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