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  • Skeyndor Eternal Intensive Serum

Skeyndor Eternal Intensive Serum

  • Brand: Skeyndor
  • Product Code: SDETSRM
  • Availability: In Stock
Oil soluble lupin extract, oil soluble lavender extract, Nikko VCIP Vitamin C, oil soluble marine fennel extract, AHA Complex, Retinol microspheres
Skeyndor Eternal Intensive Serum

Skeyndor Eternal Intensive Serum is an anti-wrinkle treatment for aging skin and those experiencing signs of aging. This serum is highly concentrated which improves the skin's natural development and structure. It also provides a radiant and youthful glow to the skin.

Size: 30 ml

Skin Type & Condition: For all skin types, especially mature, wrinkled, flaccid and dull skins

Features & Benefits:
  • Ultra concentrated anti-age serum containing plant origin stem cells. A powerful elixir for revitalising, renewing and nourishing the skin and its cells. It assists with recovering lost volume for more youthful, radiant and firmer skin.
  • Apple Stem Cells combined with the sophisticated world's first nanotechnology delivery system of stem cells. This powerful skin saviour will revitalise, renew and nourish your skin's own stem cells.
  • Plus stimulate the production further by improving the speed of new cell production, the skin recovers its lost volume, leaving you with a complexion that is more youthful, radiant and firm.
  • Plant Origin Stem Cell Nanoliposomes - Promotes the production of epidermal stem cells and protects them against environmental stress such as UV rays.
  • Sea Fennel Extract - Harmonises the multiplication and differentiation of the cells. Detox effect on skin suffering from cellular asphyxia.
  • Lupin seed extract - Redensifies the dermis and improves the skin's mechanical properties. Increases the synthesis of high quality collagen.
  • Lavender Extract - Anti-wrinkle effect on deep wrinkles and expression lines. Softens the skin's surface and reduces the skin's ability to contract.
Usage Instructions:
  • Apply a few drops onto clean skin, massaging gently until the product is completely absorbed
  • If applied before the Eternal Cream, it enhances the results of the cream.
  • For night time use

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