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  • Gehwol Toe Divider G D

Gehwol Toe Divider G D

  • Brand: Gehwol
  • Product Code: GWATDS3
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Made from soft polymer gel
Gehwol Toe Divider G D

Protects closely lying toes from rubbing and provides noticeable relief with corns between the toes.

Size: Small, Medium & Large

Skin Type & Condition: For toes that rub or overlap and corns between the toes

Features & Benefits:
  • 3 Dividers per box
  • Comfortable and non-slip
  • New, slimmer separating bars for better wearing comfort
  • Corrects overlapping toes and is suitable in the management of deformities affecting the ball of the foot.
Usage Instructions:
    After wearing, wash in hand warm water with mild detergent, dry and gently powder with Gehwol Foot Powder

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