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Only Available for Canadian Professional Beauty Trade

   Showroom location North Vancouver closed on Jan 26th

Épillyss Depilatory

Épillyss’ line of hair removal waxes allows estheticians to choose the product best-suited to their experience, skill and clientele. Every esthetician has unique skills and techniques - therefore, each will have a preferred type of wax.

All Épillyss’ waxes have different characteristics - whether in their active ingredients, melting temperatures or the synergy of essential oils they contain. Each wax meets specific needs based on the area to be treated, skin type and skill and speed of the esthetician. Even ambient room temperature where the treatment is taking place is taken into consideration.

Épillyss waxes have exceptional properties that will guarantee your clients’ satisfaction. Bioresin C3 lends the wax a more liquid consistency, while ensuring maximum adherence to hair - even short hair - and minimal adherence to skin. This effectively reduces client discomfort. Furthermore, Épillyss waxes do not leave behind a sticky residue on the skin that needs to be removed with oil. Goodbye painful hair removal treatments that require clients to go home and wash off!

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WCB is a family owned Canadian beauty supply company based in Vancouver, Canada that has been bringing beauty to certified Hairstylists & Estheticians throughout BC for over 25 years.

We strive to bring the best, most innovative products to our clients. We are educationally driven offering a wide range of classes that enhance every aspect of the business of beauty from precision cuts to business solutions specific to the trade.

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