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  • SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers (Dark Brown)

SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers (Dark Brown)

  • Brand: SureThik
  • Product Code: SUTHDB15
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Keratin, Silica, Trilaurin, [May contain ñ: Blue 1 (CI 42090), Orange 4 (CI 15510), Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), Green 3 (CI 42053), Red 22 (CI 45380), Red 33 (CI 17200)].
SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers (Dark Brown)

Hair Building Fibers are ideal for anyone who wants to disguise the challenge of thinning hair. These keratin-derived fibers are safe and blend undetectably with your existing hair to create the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

SureThik® is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut into tiny micro-sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair and scalp to produce dramatic density, volume, and total coverage. SureThik® is made from the same organic keratin protein as your own natural growing hair. It is completely safe and an all-natural solution for both men and women.

Size: 15 g

SureThik® blends in and bonds electro-statically with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair structure and volume. Even seemingly bald areas on the scalp contain thousands upon thousands of tiny vellus hairs which SureThik® can pump up and dramatically increase in appearance.
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Rain, wind, and perspiration proof
  • Compatible with hair loss medications
  • No special hair styling products needed
  • Available in virtually every hair color
  • Washes out with shampoo
Features & Benefits:
  • TOTAL CONFIDENCE EVEN IN EXTREME CONDITIONS: Because of its micro composition, once applied, the SureThik® Fibers bond to your own ?Vellus? and thinning hair so securely that even strong blowing wind or heavy rain will not cause it to run, stain or smear, yet it washes out easily with practically any shampoo. SureThik® is the only fiber that will not run on your clothes or pillow.
  • TCOMPLETELY COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS: Since SureThik® is an all-natural complex of organic protein it is completely safe to use with topical hair loss treatments such as SureThik® ScalpTX+ scalp treatment. Allow your hair to dry and apply SureThik® for a great looking head of hair every time.
  • TCOMPLETELY SAFE TO USE AFTER HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY: SureThik® is recommended by many hair transplant surgeons to their clients because it is completely safe and it works extremely well on hair transplants. Even if you?ve just had hair transplant surgery, SureThik® will completely eliminate the appearance of any temporary post-operative thinning, scabs, and scars.
Usage Instructions:
  1. After washing your hair, air-dry, or blow-dry your hair completely. SureThik®should be applied to dry hair.
  2. There are 8 different colours to choose from. We find that for best coverage select the same or one shade darker than your own hair.
  3. Simply shake the hair fibers over the areas of thinning. As you apply SureThik®to your scalp ? you will see bald patches and thinning hair fade away before your eyes.
  4. After you are done applying SureThik®gently brush or pat down the fibers through your hair, the fibers disappear and blend in a completely undetectable manner. The final result is a totally natural-looking full head of hair
  5. Use our SureThik®Holding Spray to give your hair some shine and to help lock in the fibers to ensure a finished look.
  6. Pro Tip: Make sure to keep the dispenser only a few inches from the hair, lift sections of hair with a comb or your fingers to expose thinning areas, gently tap the bottle to help dispense the fibers evenly.

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